Groups — Living With Infertility

Getting a diagnosis of infertility or suspected infertility can be challenging for a couple.

An infertility diagnosis can bring with it many other struggles: unwanted emotions, questions about what to do next, relationship difficulties, and financial questions. You may wonder “what does this mean for me?”, “what does this mean for my relationship?”, or “where do we go from here?”.

This workshop is designed to support couples in the early stages of this experience (in the first one or two years). The workshop will provide a safe place to explore the issues relevant to you, individually and as a couple. You will also meet people in the same boat as you. Topics will include:

  • discussing feelings that may be arising for you
  • communicating effectively through stress
  • keeping the love flowing in uncertain times
  • making decisions when the stakes are high
  • connecting with your partner
  • avoiding shame and blame
  • maintaining closeness during treatments
  • deciding who to tell (and how).

I offer this workshop with Karen Loucks, RCC. Karen worked for many years at a fertility clinic, and has seen first-hand the pain, challenges, and triumphs faced by individuals and couples living with infertility.

The next workshop will run on June 19, from 9-12 — please contact me at 250-589-4172, or
The workshop will be held at 204-4480 West Saanich Road, which is the Vancouver Island Naturopathic Clinic at the Royal Oak Shoppping Centre

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