COVID-19 update: these are strange times.  My mind is turning to the needs of the community.  I can help support you with anxiety tools, coping with uncertainty, planning and resilience, relationships and couples work, communication skills, trauma support, and grief work. Sessions are available by secure video counselling and by phone — contact mary@marymunro.ca or 250-589-4172.

Life can sometimes be challenging.
Counselling can help you find a path forward.

Feeling bad occasionally is part of being human. But feeling bad most of the time is hard to bear. Challenging life experiences can leave us confused and upset. Uncomfortable thoughts and feelings can interrupt our comfortable enjoyment of our lives, and interrupt our confidence in ourselves. Sometimes we don’t even know where our discomfort comes from. We may:

  • feel we’re not living the life we want
  • be easily irritated by other people and things that happen
  • sleep poorly
  • lose our focus
  • criticise ourselves
  • dwell on or experience unsettling memories
  • feel bad about feeling bad
  • have trouble making decisions
  • avoid tasks that we want to get done
  • do unhelpful things to make us feel better
  • feel difficulty in standing up for ourselves
  • pick on other people
  • struggle over a loss

I can help.
Relief is possible.

Counselling is a supportive experience designed to help you function better: to be more effective, to give you insight into what is happening for you, to support self growth, to improve your relationships, to give you confidence in yourself, and to give you strategies for managing and thriving. People leave counselling after even one session experiencing relief – relief that they’re not alone, that someone will help them through their problem. With support, you can function more effectively and get to a place where you feel like you can manage on your own.

I can help you find relief and rediscover your resilience – your capacity to manage and enjoy your life. As a Registered Clinical Counsellor, I provide effective, supportive, and confidential treatment. I help clients feel better. I listen to stories to see past the pain and discomfort, to uncover patterns in order to uncover possibilities. I help many people with everyday concerns to the more complex:

  • depression
  • anxiety and stress
  • shame
  • relationship concerns
  • family transition and divorce
  • self esteem
  • healthcare challenges
  • anger management
  • sexual health issues
  • grief

Often these issues can overlap a bit. In my practice, I see people who are struggling in their relationship, those who have a major life decision to make, and those who want to set boundaries with others. I help people with depression figure out what they can change about their lives, and how to go about it. I coach those with anxiety to a calmer place. I see people for anger, and have run very successful anger management groups. I also see people about issues around their sexual health – processing abortion grief, coping with erectile dysfunction, or finding a way through porn addiction, for example. Whatever the issue may be, I listen very closely to you, with an unbiased ear, to help you gain perspective and understand what is going on for you.

For an appointment or more information, call me at 250-589-4172 or email me at mary@marymunro.ca.

Mary Munro MA, MC, RCC