Getting a diagnosis of infertility or suspected infertility can be challenging for a couple.

An infertility diagnosis can bring with it many other struggles: unwanted emotions, questions about what to do next, relationship difficulties, and financial questions. You may wonder “what does this mean for me?”, “what does this mean for my relationship?”, “how do I make this decision?”, or “where do we go from here?”.

You can get help during this experience. I provide a safe place to explore the issues relevant to you, individually and as a couple. Topics we can talk about include:

  • discussing feelings that may be arising for you
  • communicating effectively through stress
  • keeping the love flowing in uncertain times
  • making decisions when the stakes are high
  • connecting with your partner
  • avoiding shame and blame
  • maintaining closeness during treatments
  • deciding who to tell (and how).

As your counsellor, I am here to hear what is going on for you. During a highly pressured process it can be a huge relief to talk to someone neutral. Together we can explore what is going on for you, and what you need to support yourself, no matter what happens. Everyone needs support for their own experience. Whatever you seek in counselling, I can provide a safe place for you to reclaim your resilience.

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