Handling Anger

Anger can be troubling and very uncomfortable. People with great anger can feel out of control, at the mercy of their responses and their life circumstances. Anger is very personal — how you express it and what brings it up is part of who you are. But anger is also very common — it typically occurs

  • in the car
  • with a partner
  • with one’s kids
  • at work
  • with a boss
  • with family
  • when surprised
  • when you’re faced with challenges

I can help.

How your anger gets set off is unique to you, so counselling for anger seeks to find a solution tailored for your particular situation. To help relieve your anger, we explore a few areas, such as

  • considering how you experience and express anger
  • identifying what sets you off
  • developing new ways to communicate
  • considering how you experience your social world
  • looking at what your family’s anger style was when you were growing up
  • managing boundaries with other people
  • trying out new behaviours
  • developing self esteem and ways of dealing with criticism

Other factors can support your anger, too — some people get angry as they grieve, some as they try to deal with issues from long ago, some as they deal with depressing situations, for example. Everyone’s story is distinct. Your anger is a sign for change.

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